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How to Choose an Acoustic Guitar

Different Types of Guitar Construction

The Three Types of Guitar Amplifiers

Matching Up Power Amp and Speakers

Active Versus Passive PA Systems

Balanced, Instrument, and Speaker Cables

Differences Between Guitar Strings

Audio Interfaces Part 1

Recording King EZ Tone Spotlight

Compression Part 1


PRS SE Custom 22 Hollowbody

How to Build a Home Studio Part 1

Dixie Guitar King Commercial

Why Use a Feedback Buster?

Electronic VS. Acoustic Drum Kits

What is a Midi Controller?

The Right Amplifier for your Instrument

Mic Preamps, the Stage and the Studio

Control Surfaces and the Studio

Ribbon Microphones and Recording

Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics

The Importance of Humidification

How to Make Your Tube Preamp Better

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